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Go Where The Clients Are 🫡

Walker started her business in the mid-west, traveled to other cities selling her products, conducted market research, and opened a store in New York. She traveled to take her brand to the masses. In the age of online sales, businesses have the good fortune of building limitless markets. Creating brand influence increases perceived value and will help dictate your industry position as the value of customer loyalty trends upward.

Action: Where are you located? Is it marketplace sufficient for your business to reach your financial goals? What can you do to create a brand that is bigger than its current financial position? Write down those professional and media platforms that will exponentially multiply your brand’s position power. Likewise, write down those markets that will increase your financial position.

Gone are the days when you must stayed in one place and waited for clients to come to them. In today’s world, we must go the extra mile and travel if we want succeed. This means going where their clients are and not giving up until they we win them. We must be willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. You should be open-minded about different cultures, languages, and ways of doing business. By going beyond their comfort zone, you can find more success in the long run.

Traveling gives us access to new markets, potential customers, and unique experiences that can help us to grow professionally as well as personally. Going where the clients are is an essential part of being a successful person in today’s globalized world.



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I help individuals to remove barriers from achievement and performance using confidence development as the differentiator in her approach to leadership performance and business development.

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