Meet Team TCFC


TCFC's team of more than 17 experts in leadership, training, talent management, recruiting and business give our clients a 360-degree world view and needs-based assessment of what success and failure looks like. We are an action organization that is on trend with the latest information, research, and technology to move your business and life forward through Action. Performance. Resilience. and Results for Success.

"Dr. V" Brooks Dunbar, DM, MPA

Founder & Lead Trainer-Coach

Dr. Dunbar "Dr. V" is a Subject-Matter Expert in Crisis Leadership and Decision Making and champion of selfless leadership. She helps individuals to remove barriers from achievement and performance using confidence development as the differentiator in her approach to leadership performance and business development. She is a masterful speaker and trainer-coach.

O: 904-479-6611  

F: 904-379-4073


Kenneth "Chip" Dunbar Jr., MSIR

Veterans Lead Advisor & Business Coach


U.S. Air Force (Ret.) SMSgt Kenneth "Chip" Dunbar leads TCFC's Veterans Coaching program to support the transition from Boots to Business, Troops to Teachers, and similar programs. He is a former career and college advisor for the U.S. Navy, a training instructor for the U.S. Air Force, as well as Deputy Inspector General for the Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England .

O: 904-479-6611  

F: 904-379-4073

Asha Jaleel, Ed.D.

Team Leader​, Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Coaching Training


Dr. Jaleel "Asha" is a Certified Mindfulness Trainer. She leads TCFC's Workplace Wellness programs and conducts workshops on Leadership Mindfulness, Work-Life Balance, and Stress Reduction.

O: 904-479-6611  

F: 904-379-4073

Guy Santiago, PhD

Managing Diversity & Leadership, Trainer, Facilitator, Curriculum Developer, Instructor, Coach


Guy Santiago holds degrees and has extensive experience in psychology, education, and curriculum development and instruction. He has served as a curriculum designer, instructor, trainer, and agency facilitator and consultant in the Federal Highway Administration’s Leadership and Development Human Resources Division. Guy also serves as a Professor of Psychology at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Education, in the Public Safety Executive Leadership Undergraduate and Master’s Programs. Guy is retired from the United States Air Force (21 years) where he served as a crewmember and communications evaluator/instructor on Air Force One, Air Force Two, and VIP aircraft out of Andrews Air Force Base. He also designed and taught curriculum as an employee of the U.S. Secret Service (11 years).

O: 904-479-6611  

F: 904-379-4073

Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Police Executive Leadership Program (PELP)

  • Instruction and facilitation of psychology based courses in:

    • Managing Diversity

    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Introduction to Change

    • Managing Change in a Changing Environment

Performance Coaches

Coaches, HR Experts, Consultants, and Interns


TCFC is looking to unite experts in the fields of coaching, training, and talent development to help shape the narrative on the benefits of "confident leadership" development when instilled into an individual's mindset from the earliest age and opportunity. Your work and research is welcome here. Call or email us today.