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TCFC seeks content, research, and information to make the case for confidence development as a necessary and value-added business development, career development, and work-life coaching method to bring about success factors in every aspect of our lives. 

 01  Research on Confidence


​We stand behind the belief that your degree confidence is the best predictor of individual success. And, there's research to support it.

  • Quantifying and Cultivating Confidence. Georgetown University Research Study (2017):

  • Creating Confidence Handbook. The Centre for Confidence and Well-Being, Scotland, UK (2012):

  • The Center for Confidence (TCFC) Career Relational Confidence Survey (2017): 


 02  Self Coaching Tools to Improve Self Awareness

Research-based behavior, personality, and social assessments are valuable tools to improve self awareness. There is no right or wrong, just good insight for your own self management and personal development goals.

  • List of online Unconscious and Hidden Bias Questionnaires: 

  • When to Choose Career Coaching versus Career Counseling: 

  • #METOOJAX Resources: 



 03  Confidence Development for Women

Dr. V Brooks Dunbar is an emerging global brand to help women adopt confidence as a lifestyle. The Confidence Commander Lifestyle Brand for all who want to be Women in Command of their 360 degree life.

  • Dr. V Brooks Dunbar, The Confidence Commander: 

  • The Center for Confidence (TCFC) Career Relational Confidence Survey (2017):




 04  Online Training

We're building our global network of partners and resources who are trained on the "Discover Your Confidence Zones"(TM) Personal Audit System. Stay tuned.




 05  Webinars

We're curating new content and information to support your vision to lead and succeed with confidence. Stay tuned.

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