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Confident employees increase a business' bottom line by 22%

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"Dr. V" Brooks Dunbar, DM, MPA 
Founder & Lead Trainer-Coach
Dr. Dunbar "Dr. V" is a Subject-Matter Expert in Crisis Leadership and Decision Making and a champion of selfless leadership. She helps individuals to remove barriers from achievement and performance using confidence development as the differentiator in her approach to leadership performance and business development. She is a masterful speaker and trainer-coach. Dr. V focuses on business development and creating economic equity through entrepreneurship. She is a member of the MBA Advisory Board for the Forbes School of Business and Technology at Ashford University.
For a look at Dr. V's work with women leaders and entrepreneurs, download her media kit at and follow @TheTrueDrV
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Confident individuals are 24% more likely to overcome workplace challenges

~ Georgetown University Study

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Business Development

We are small business champions committed to ensuring you receive the tools and strategies to operate a successful business. We provide training to help you to Develop a Business Mindset for Success using proven coaching methods to create habits and personal systems for self-leadership and growth.

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Executive Coaching

The new world of executive decision-makers includes individuals in and out of the C Suite. We work with traditional and new world Executives who are also Social Influencers, Industry Leaders, and Powerful Creators and Brands who are seeking to manage change, develop executive skills, and lead successful organizations and teams.

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Leadership Development

Leaders influence others to accomplish a mission. But, Confident Leaders motivate individuals to improve their productivity and performance to benefit the organization's bottom line - Confident Leaders impact financial goals. 

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How important is coaching to leadership confidence? In this interview with Fortune, Google CEO Eric Schmidt had this to say about coaching, "Everybody needs a coach.



Common coaching questions answered by our experts.

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